Every child deserves the opportunity to learn, but not all children learn in the same way or at the same pace. Falling behind other children their age can be frustrating for that child, their parents, teachers, and others in their lives. Many times there is a disability present that makes it necessary for these children to take advantage of Special Education services at their school.

Getting Past the Stigma

When a child is selected for special education services, there can be a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand having the opportunity to learn in a way that serves the child better can be encouraging, but being involved in a special education program can also bring about a certain stigma that comes from a lot of misunderstanding from the kids involved, their parents and their peers. This can lead to bullying or resistance from parents to encourage their child to follow their program.

However, as an experienced Michigan Education Special Education System Lawyer, Attorney Kristin Totten understands the wide range of abilities that encompass special education. By correctly identifying a child’s needs, whether that means simple changes such as extra time to take tests, a common request for children with ADHD or Dyslexia, or it means they need a highly detailed Individual Education Program that outlines the child’s abilities and goals and suggests a reasonable path to achieve them. a child can ultimately gain skills and confidence.

When parents and educators of special needs children have a special education lawyer available to them that can address possible concerns, it is easier for these children to move beyond the labels and focus on what adjustment are necessary for success. Rinehart Totten, PLLC is a child-centered law firm, and Attorney Kristin Totten can give parents the tools to understand their child’s needs and move forward as the child’s best advocate.

When we send our children to school, we expect them to learn from their teachers and enjoy interacting with other students. We expect them to be treated fairly and with respect. When there are disciplinary problems at school, or if your child is being bullied or is allegedly the one acting like a bully, students and parents both have rights that need to be protected.

Rinehart Totten, PLLC will consult with you on the problems your child is facing with the school. A review of school records may be necessary in order to obtain the facts and evidence necessary for you to make an informed decision about how to advocate for your child.


School Discipline Issues? KNOW Your child's RIGHTS

When disciplinary issues arise and students are sent to the principal’s office for questioning, they have a right not to answer any questions unless a parent is present. This is true whether it is school officials or police officers who are questioning.

Parents and children both have a right to a disciplinary hearing. Having an attorney present at a disciplinary proceeding sends a message to those in charge that you are serious about having the needs of your child properly addressed. The attorney can ensure that the facts are adequately presented to the school board. Imposition of disciplinary measures can be negotiated.

Photo by denphumi/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by denphumi/iStock / Getty Images