Kristin Totten, Attorney

Attorney Kristin Totten has a mission to protect and enforce the rights of children with disabilities and parents of such children. 

As a civil rights attorney, I desire to put my experience to work for your child.

Kristin has over 10 years of experience in representing children and their families all over the country. She began her practice advocating at the Connecticut Legal Rights Project and New Haven Legal Assistance. She also advocated for children as a guardian ad litem at the Children's Law Center in Washington DC.  At the Children’s Law Center, Kristin was able to focus solely on the child and his/her best interest in every system that he/she interfaced with: education, welfare, family, medical, psychological, and spiritual. 

Kristin is the parent of two amazing children. Her sense of injustice in educational systems is stirred more deeply when I think, what if that was my child? In January 2010, she started her own law practice to focus on the needs of children within the various systems designed to serve them. 

The Child Comes First

At the heart of all of what Kristin does is the knowledge that she is working for a child with unique needs. She desires to understand the child and his/her unique struggles and gifts and to take that information into the system that the child is interfacing.